About Etcom

Why Multicultural

Over 430,000

Over 430,000 new permanent and temporary visa migrants called Australia home in 2016-17.

Nearly 50%

The top 5 recent arrival communities since 2006 equates to nearly 50% of all the new migrant population.


21% of the Australian population speak a language other than English at home.

Chinese, Arabic and Vietnamese

Chinese, followed by Arabic and Vietnamese are the most common languages spoken at home.


Almost half (49%) of the population were born overseas or have at least one parent born overseas.

Over 15%

Over 15% of Australia’s overseas born population were born in China or India representing almost 1 million people.

Who We Are

We are a team of multicultural specialists, leading the multicultural practice for over 40 years. We have an in-depth understanding of Australia’s diverse communities including behaviour, cultural nuances, changing media consumption habits, and channel targeting within the multicultural space.

Our unique in-house capability and hands-on approach enables our experienced team to develop and deliver fully integrated communications programs aligned to clients’ marketing objectives.

Part of WPP AUNZ, Etcom combines cultural expertise with the latest industry tools and insights.

Lou Petrolo

Managing Partner

Lou has an extensive background in multicultural communications, developed over 17 years of working in this specialist field across both public and private sectors. He was Director of an independent cross-cultural communications agency for seven years.

Lou joined Etcom from SBS where he worked from 2013 promoting SBS Radio’s diverse language content to stakeholders and audiences nationally with a strong focus on multicultural community engagement.

In 2010 he was appointed Chairman of the Communication Council of Australia’s Multicultural Forum. In this capacity, he was a passionate spokesperson for the benefits of engaging CALD audiences effectively to both Government and commercial organisations.

He has been Managing Partner of Etcom, Australia’s longest serving multicultural communications agency since 2016, working extensively with clients and agencies within the WPP AUNZ group and beyond. Lou has worked across an enormous range of clients and categories including technology, health, sport, Government and financial services on major national brand and integrated communications campaigns.

Melissa Chaw

Managing Partner

Melissa has led Etcom for the past 12 years and has over 16 year’s experience in the industry. During this time Melissa has grown and helped evolve Etcom into the leading multicultural communications agency in Australia, which is part of the WPP AUNZ network.

Melissa has a deep understanding of the multicultural communities across Australia, and remains hands on in creating unique strategies for Etcom clients to meet the changing needs of diverse Australia. Working in partnership with Lou, Melissa uses her experience and insight gained from working with multicultural communities day in and day to lead her team of multicultural specialists to deliver authentic and engaging multicultural campaigns for Etcom clients.

Melissa is an Effie’s award winning strategist and has developed campaigns for Australia’s biggest brands such as Vodafone, Westpac, Qantas, Holden and Woolworths. Her experience also spans working closely with Government on major campaigns such as the 2016 Census, Domestic Violence and Smartraveller.

What matters to Melissa? Respect for all people from all walks of life and backgrounds. As a second generation Chinese and mum of 3 kids under 5 years, Melissa recognises how important it is to maintain a strong cultural identity and not feel pressure to assimilate or say goodbye to your cultural roots. It’s what makes us unique.

What We Do

We help our clients truly understand their multicultural market opportunities and how to authentically connect.

We deliver tailored strategies using insights based on our experience and the proprietary tools and data to engage and inspire community action.

We’ve built a reputation for getting the job done demonstrated by our long standing relationships and experience working for some of Australia’s biggest brands and Government.

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