Containers for Change – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Extension Activity

Caring for your country and getting paid for it.

Campaign Overview
Queensland is the most littered state in Australia so the Queensland Container Refund Scheme was introduced to reduce beverage container litter, landfill rates and increase recycling.

Campaign Details
“Caring for Country” is a strong mantra amongst Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander communities. Etcom created a campaign to leverage this insight and paired it alongside the idea of raising funds for the community.

Containers for Change became the major sponsor of 3 Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander sporting carnivals with each event providing an opportunity to engage with teams and individuals at times of high consumption for eligible containers. A major activation at the Murri Carnival in Townsville engendered a one on one conversation on how the scheme works and the promotional element invited participants to nominate their favourite team to win $500.

Face to Face activity via well-known Townsville local influencer Ian Zaro was also key to engaging with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. Ian proved a magnet for community members throughout his attendance at the sporting carnivals and his social media amplification brought the campaign to life in an hilarious and off beat fashion.


  • Contributed to raising awareness of the program which has seen over 340 million returned containers since launch providing $34 million back into Queenslander pockets.
  • Direct branding and campaign exposure to over 20,000 event participants and supporters.
  • Logo exposure on carnival promotional assets including sporting jerseys and media support.
  • Social media exposure via all sporting carnival’s social channels.
  • Social media exposure via Ian Zaro’s Facebook and Tik Tok page.
  • Media interviews and campaign coverage via multiple Aboriginal media outlets.
Client Queensland Container Refund Scheme

What we did Strategy, sponsorship management, community engagement, activation planning and implementation, social media amplification, talent management, creative adaptation and production.

Communities/Languages Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander