Huawei Influencer Campaign

Campaign Overview

In April 2020, Huawei launched a series of premium products – P40 &P40 pro in Australia. In order to increase products’ awareness and ultimately generate more sales, Etcom developed and managed a Chinese Influencer Marketing Campaign to drive engagement and results via various key Chinese social platforms.

Campaign Details

Etcom identified and engaged four key Chinese Influencers in Australia and worked in collaboration with them to create the bespoke content direction based on their strengths and social followers’ interests to highlight the unique selling points of Huawei products (e.g. Leica camera, SuperCharging & Water Resistance, etc).

Specifically, Ethan and Sherry, as professional photographers, created content to introduce the camera functions and demonstrated how it works through multiple channels – YouTube, Instagram and WeChat Official Account. Meanwhile, Chloe and Janice, as lifestyle bloggers, created engaging stories to not only highlight the camera but also present the new products’ elegant appearance and design, including other unique functions via Instagram, Weibo and RED.


The performance exceeded client’s expectation and the campaign generated a high level of impressions, engagements and positive interactions.

Client Huawei
Communities/Languages Chinese